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14 November 2018The Sword & the Staff – the Pilgrim Route to Santiago de Compostela
14 March 2018St Ives and its Painters
15 November 2017Catherine the Great, Empress of All the Russias
15 March 2017The Story of Endsleigh House 1809-14 (morning). Followed by a visit to the house and grounds (afternoon).
09 November 2016The Glory That Was Greece. The Grandeur That Was Rome.
02 March 2016Looking after Antique Furniture
11 November 2015The Genius that is Michelangelo: a celebration of his life and works
11 March 2015The Pre-Raphaelites

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The Sword & the Staff – the Pilgrim Route to Santiago de Compostela Gail Turner Wednesday 14 November 2018

Image: Santiago de Compostela, by Simone Ramella - originally posted to Flickr as Santiago de Compostela, CC BY 2.0,

The “discovery” of the body of the apostle James opened a new and prosperous European pilgrimage route; and by the 12th century hospitals, monasteries, churches and shrines sprang up all along the Camino to attend to the spiritual and worldly needs of huge numbers of pilgrims. Cities along the route also prospered and expanded. 

Pilgrims' tales abound, and the Camino exerts a fascination to this day with many thousands, including Gail Turner, tramping the trail.

At the Public Hall, West Street, Liskeard, PL14 6BW. Meet there at 9.30 for 10am. There will be a hour's break for lunch - this time, to be taken independently - and the day should end around 3-3.30pm. 

Booking is required, and the cost for the day is £25 per person. Our booking form gives all the relevant details; pick up a printed copy at our September and October meetings,* or for a pdf version send an email to, or use the Contact Us form on this website. (* There's a priority booking period for our existing members and their guests, and general booking opens on 1 October.)