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13 March 2019A Guided Tour of Exeter’s Gothic Cathedral & its Library
13 November 2019The Newlyn School of Painting
11 March 2020The Splendour of Ancient Mexico and Peru

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A Guided Tour of Exeter’s Gothic Cathedral & its Library Mark Cottle Wednesday 13 March 2019

At Exeter Cathedral; meet there at 10.30 for 11am (we'll help you arrange car sharing if you like). The visit is planned to end at around 4pm.

Described as England’s most beautiful Decorated Gothic Cathedral by English Heritage, Exeter Cathedral is a striking example of this style. Imposing Norman towers flank a massive 14th century nave with the longest unbroken rib-vaulted ceiling of any Gothic cathedral in Europe.  In terms of aesthetics, acoustics and engineering it marks a high point in medieval cathedral building.

Decorated Gothic sees an abundance of naturalistic carving, and is rich in gilt, paint, marble, alabaster, brass and Purbeck stone. Larger windows with elaborate tracery let light flood into the building. The Aim of the Discovery Day is twofold: firstly, to illustrate the defining features of Decorated Gothic at Exeter; secondly, to look more closely at the cathedral as a product of its own time, revealing insights into the spirit of the age of the great cathedrals.

After his talk in the cathedral lecture room, then a break for lunch, Mark proposes splitting us into three groups, which will each in turn have a guided tour of the cathedral, a tour of the library (only rarely available), and time on our own to appreciate the wonders of this truly remarkable building. 

Booking is required, and the cost for the day is £25 per person plus £7 for the guided tours of the cathedral and the library. (This is remarkably good value, as the normal entry fees for cathedral and library are £7 each.) Our booking form gives all the relevant details; pick up a printed copy at our  February meeting,* or for a pdf version send an email to, or use the Contact Us form on this website. 

(* There's a priority booking period for our existing members and their guests; general booking opens on 1 February.)