Welcome to The Arts Society Liskeard

Liskeard Arts Society (was LIDFAS) is a member society of The Arts Society ( It was formed to bring together people who are curious about and interested in human artistic achievement in the world about us. So we give a series of beautifully illustrated talks, and arrange visits to museums, galleries, houses and gardens, allowing you to increase and broaden your knowledge of art in the widest sense of the word, in the company of other like-minded people; our meetings are characterised by plenty of animated conversation.

Although our members come from all walks of life, and many of us know very little about the topic until we've been to the meeting, we invariably have something in common: that is, as in Rudyard Kipling's Elephant's Child, 'satiable curtiosity, and a yen to exchange our ideas with others. We're a friendly bunch!

Our annual programme includes nine illustrated talks and two Discovery Days on a wide range of subjects by Arts Society speakers, all experts in their field. The subjects cover topics from sculpture and ceramics, to historic figures such as the Queen of Sheba and Hildegard of Bingen, to the history of underwear, medieval music, theatre, architecture and Santa Claus (click on the Lectures tab at top). We also organise day visits and longer tours to places of artistic interest.

Most of our members come from South East and East Corn-wall; members from other areas are always welcome to join us. 

Registered Charity No 1097024
President - Mrs Jane Mutch JP

We've just created our shiny new website, so we'd appreciate hearing any ideas you have to make it easier for you to understand it, use it -- and enjoy it! 

So please go to the Contact Us section (see above) and tell us. (PS compliments are welcome too.)